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Area Rug

Care & Maintenance

How to care

for area rugs

Like with any floor covering, proper care & maintenance are key to protecting your investment & prolonging the lifespan of your area rugs. The Broadway Carpets Inc. team has assembled a helpful guide full of cleaning tips for your area rugs below.

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Area Rug

Cleaning Tips

In addition to following our team’s maintenance advice, be sure to reference your rug’s warranty for specific care requirements & other general information.


Cleaning Shag Rugs

Protect the long, cable-like yarns of your shag rugs when vacuuming. They tend to wrap around vacuum beater bars & brushes, which can damage the fiber. Disconnect your beater bar according to your vacuum’s owner’s manual and set your machine to the lowest height setting for best suction.


Professional Rug Cleaning

We recommend contacting a professional carpet & rug cleaner on an annual or biannual basis for a period cleaning using the hot water extraction method. You’ll be amazed by the difference a professional cleaning can make.

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Routine Cleaning

Soil gets tracked into your home on shoes & can get ground down into rug fibers. Regularly vacuum to remove this soil & extend the beauty & useful lifespan of your rugs. In areas that typically experience light to medium foot traffic, vacuum twice weekly. In areas that get heavy foot traffic, vacuum daily.


Handling Spills

Clean any spills from food & beverages immediately by blotting with a clean cloth. Spot clean with a mild detergent diluted by water, rinse with clean water & blot dry. Never dry clean, never use bleach, and never rub or scrub your rugs.

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