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Budget Friendly Backsplash Tile Options

Budget Friendly Backsplash Tile Options

One of the finishing touches that can truly push your kitchen remodeling project to the next level is the backsplash. You’ve tackled cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring and wall colors; it’s time to figure out that sliver of real estate located between the bottom of your cabinets and your countertop. Have you maxed your design budget out on all the other elements? Don’t worry! There are plenty of affordable tile options that won’t look like you forgot to save some coin for the backsplash.

Mosaic Tile

One of the most affordable methods of tiling a backsplash is to use mosaic tiles. While they are available in varying degrees of fanciness and priciness, you can definitely find many options that will fit even a modest budget. The basic idea of mosaic, for tile newbies, is small pieces of tile which are glued to a mesh backing sheet. They are designed to fit together so the individual sheets are not obvious. Instead, your eye sees the entire area, in this case the backsplash, as a whole. As an added bonus, tiles can usually be scored and snapped or cut with a tile nipper. No wet saw is required, which makes them easier to DIY than other options, and can save you installation costs. You can find mosaics in penny and hex tiles, and even small subway tiles.

Subway Tile

Budget Friendly Backsplash Tile Options

Speaking of subway tiles, they are another relatively affordable, and classic, option for backsplashes. You can find them in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. In addition to being affordable, subway tiles are flexible, and can be laid out in different configurations. You can stagger them like bricks, line them up over one another, or even run them vertically rather than horizontally. To save on installation, subway tiles can be scored and snapped; small cuts can be made with tile nippers. They also don’t require a wet saw, although you can use one if you’d like. You can find them in the common white, or a variety of colors. Basic white is the most affordable, with individual tiles ranging from less than $1- $2.

Mixing Different Tile

Budget Friendly Backsplash Tile Options

One final way to save money on your backsplash but still make an impact is to create a focal point using a more expensive tile, such as a painted pattern or modern geometric print, in a small area, then fill in the rest of the space with one of the more affordable options listed above. Consider this technique behind the stove, or over the sink, which will set those areas apart. While it will cost a little more, the visual effect communicates that you put thought into your design.

Need tile help? Gather your measurements, photos, and samples and then visit Broadway Carpet & Flooring. We can help you talk through your options and pick something amazing that will work with your budget. We can even help set you up with an installer who can make your dreams of a new tile backsplash come to life!