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Professional Carpet Installation


Looking for a problem-free installation? Our experts are here to help!

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What to Expect


Preparation is key to a successful carpeting installation. Consult our checklist below.


Before Your Installation

  • We’ll determine whether your existing flooring needs to be removed. Our installers are fully equipped to do so if necessary, though you should vacuum your old carpet if you have one to minimize the amount of dust that gets kicked up during removal.
  • We’ll also determine how your furniture will be handled. We can move most items, but if you prefer to handle your own property you may do so in advance. If you have fragile items inside of your furniture (a china cabinet, for example) be sure to empty them before your installers arrive.
  • Don’t leave any fragile items, drapery, plants, wall hangings, etc. in the room.
  • We’ll measure all door clearances to ensure that if your new carpet is thicker than your existing flooring, that your doors will not drag. If necessary, we may need to saw or sand your doors down.
  • If you plan to paint, wallpaper, or do any other remodeling in your room, do so before the carpet is installed to avoid dripping on your new surface.
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During Your Installation

Our installation team will follow the standard procedure below.

  • We’ll prepare the subfloor surface so that it’s clean, dry & level.
  • We’ll nail or glue tack strips to hold the carpet & padding in place.
  • We’ll line up seams to ensure minimal visibility.
  • We’ll stretch the carpet to avoid folding or rippling.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the installation process – but trust that you’re in good hands with our installers!

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Before you buy, get a free professional in-home measurement from our team to help save you time & stay on-budget.