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Pre-Installation Checklist

Thank you for choosing Broadway Carpets. Listed below are some items that you need to be aware of to help insure a timely and successful installation.

  • It takes time to estimate, confirm, process, order and receive materials, schedule installation, etc. it can take from 1 (one) to 2 (two) weeks from the time you select your material until the flooring is installed.
  • The area where the product is being installed must be temperature and humidity controlled.
  • All items in the bottom of closets need to be removed and stored in bags or boxes in an area that will not be affected during the installation.
  • Items on top of furniture need to be boxed and stored in an area that will not be affected during installation. Examples are pictures, jewelry, figurines, cosmetics, etc and any other breakables.
  • China cabinets, entertainment centers (if movable), etc. should be emptied of all glassware and other items.
  • We do not move Water Beds, Sleep Number Beds, Full Size Grand Pianos or Slate Bottom Pool Tables. Please obtain the services of a professional mover or dealer of these items to have them moved and returned after installation.
  • Floors should be clear of magazines, newspapers, clothes, shoes and toys. Motorized may be moved for an additional charge.
  • Bedspreads and sheets should be removed from beds and Bookshelves should be free of all books and accessories.
  • Computers, electronics, etc. should be properly shut down and disconnected prior to our arrival.
  • Due to the coarse texture of some carpet backing, minor scratches or scuffs to baseboards and moldings may occur during the installation. A slight touch-up of paint or stain may need to be performed by the homeowner after installation.
  • The thickness of your new flooring may require your doors to be cut. Please consult a qualified carpenter as Broadway Carpets DOES NOT CUT DOORS.
  • We do not disconnect gas stoves or other gas appliances. Your utility board does provide that service.
  • If we will be moving your refrigerator, you may want to have a cooler of ice for milk, etc.
  • If you are planning on moving your own appliances, lay down plywood to move them on.
  • Visually check all water supply lines that we will be disconnecting to determine if you may have a leak. Also check around toilets for
    potential leaks or problems.
  • We do not remove dish washers.
  • If we are moving your washing machine, you may want to purchase new supply lines and we will install them for you. They are inexpensive and should be changed every once in a while.
  • Ask the estimator about Quarter Round and Cove Base samples. If metal trims are needed, you have a choice of gold or silver.
    Please let the estimator or salesperson know your choice.
  • The installation team should arrive between 8:30 am and 9:30 am unless otherwise stated or agreed upon.

We appreciate your attention to these guidelines. We are sure you will find your installation less stressful knowing your valuables and keepsakes are safely packed away. Thank you again for choosing Broadway Carpets.